About macs

More than ever, business success depends on the ability to understand what customers think, feel and do.

This is exactly where we come into play! We support organisations to go beyond and be within reach of their customers anytime and anywhere to answer and deliver awesome customer care and create tailored brand experiences.

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We are driven by our strong believe that when everything is connected, T.R.U.E.* connection is everything.

Because ultimately, people want to feel that they matter. And that is what we are all about. That is why we stay ahead, go further and will always reach beyond.

T.rusted — Without trust, there is no connection.
R.ealtime — Always available, ready to support whenever, wherever.
U.nique — One size fits no-one. Each individual is unique and needs to be treated as such.
E.mpathic — Seek first to understand before being understood. It’s a phrase we live by!

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woman in front of a laptop
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Reach Beyond

What you read is what you get.
‘Reach Beyond’ explains what our customers receive when working with macs. High quality customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime, anywhere. Literally Reach Beyond.

A way of being.
Reach Beyond is a mentality. Our way of being is everything we do. Whether it is providing the best customer care services and tools or being an awesome place to work for our employees, we Reach Beyond. 

An aspiration.
It is an aspiration to both our customers and clients. To burst out of that straight jacket and not settle for less. To be inquisitive and always on the lookout for what could be around the next corner. Exploring new grounds in freedom and independence. Reach Beyond. 

What truly sets us apart is that we go further than …

… other employers, by providing a working environment where employees are stimulated and motivated to grow, where they can develop wherever and whenever they want and be part of a community. All this and more while earning a good income to enable them to live their lives in complete freedom and independence. 

… other customer care solutions, by providing high quality customer care where over- and under flow is no longer an issue, but rather an operational influx that is handled accordingly without loss of service requests and quality in service.


Going further where other contact centers stop

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Meaningful work, quickly paid and being a freelancer. Work wherever and whenever you want.

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macs for companies

As a macs company you are looking for the right people to contact with customers. With qualified macs e-agents who through e-learning (developed by us) are constantly improving in providing the best customer service to their customers.

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macs agents

As a (future) macs e-agent you work on T.R.U.E. * connections between organizations and their customers. Together with cool and motivated fellow agents you determine the new standard of customer contact and you continue to develop every day, at your pace.

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