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As a macs agent you are the voice of a variety of different companies around the world. You will be supporting their customer service wherever, whenever, whilst earning a solid paycheck.

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Why become a macs agent?

Do work that matters

All you need is the macs app and you will be up and running. Ready to go in a day!

T.R.U.E.* connections

Trustworthy, Realtime, Unique and Emphatic connections.

Be completely free

You can work whenever, wherever and in any way you want. In addition, you have unlimited opportunities to educate yourself.


Become part of an eager community. Meet fellow agents and learn from each other. Bring out the best of yourself.

Meaningful work, quickly paid and being a freelancer. Work wherever and whenever you want.

Endless possibilities to continuously develop yourself as a professional and as a person. A dream? Absolutely not. Become a macs e-agent and experience the dream today!

How macs works

Sign up as an agent

Hey, do you want to go on a journey with macs? Just fill in the application form. Good to know: our services are in Dutch at the moment.

Make sure you fulfill the requirements

Complete the voice and workstation check when you apply.

Start your career anywhere and anytime you like

Make sure you fulfil the requirements. You will be supporting customers wherever, whenever, whilst earning a solid paycheck.

Get paid

Let’s be honest, no one likes doing administration. That is why we take the stress off your shoulders and take care of all the hustle for you. With our automated invoicing process, your role ends as soon as you have ended your call properly. We pay as you go. Done? Press the button and get paid. Simple as that.

Sign up as an agent and start your dream job next week!

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