We make customer service simple, quick, easy and most of all fun we accomplish this by establishing T.R.U.E.* connections

Rob Wennink
“To me, living in this world means to be connected with others.”

Rob Wennink

Chief Empathy Officer

As the CEO of macs.co, I find it important to be close to my team. I motivate, inspire and facilitate. That way we can move forward together.

“Let yourself be led by what others share and want to tell.”

Wybe de Groes

Partner of Empathy

As a Partner of Empathy I take care of the entire internal operation. Is the quality guaranteed? Can anything be improved? These are things that I find important.

“Great, this is how we are going to do this.”

Leon Paulusma

Jack of All Trades

With my expertise in various techniques and processes I know how to continuously improve macs.co. I love to optimize customer centric processes.

“T.R.U.E. connections start with being able to sincerely listen to each other.”

Nadja Jonkers

Customer Connection Officer

I am curious, enthusiastic and courageous. And furthermore, I’m always curious about people and their stories. So let’s connect.

“Giving the highest value to users in as short a time as possible.”

Rik van Bavel

Knowledge Officer

Delivering, learning about and improving functionalities of macs.co to customers quickly. This is how we give our users the highest value in the shortest possible time.

“That takes an hour, so I’ll be ready in half an hour.”

Siem Hoefnagels

Office Mastermind

At macs.co I am mainly involved with the technological developments for clients and e-agents. In addition, I am responsible for all scripting.

“Translating complex processes into practical information is my goal.”

Jasper Ott

E-learning Developer

I create interesting, didactic and inspiring e-learnings that are based on real-life experiences and knowledge from the field.

“I always strive for a seamless customer experience.”

Renée van Putten

Digital Warrior

Besides the fact that I’m a real people person, I also like to learn about technology. I strive to provide the best customer experience and create real connections.

“Data, data and more data.. that is what it’s all about.”

Renske van Zuijlen

Growth Hacker

As an online expert, I am continuously analyzing, testing and optimizing marketing communications. I always keep an eye on the needs of our audience!

“Quality means happy customers. Promise what you give and give what you promise.”

Kelly Papa

Brand Ambassador

Building a consistent and dynamic brand is more than just advertising. I help macs.co to grow and want people to recognize our inspiring company ánd brand.